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Google Workspace Security Features

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Google Workspace provides easy, secure access to your business documents. This helps to increase efficiency and cut back on redundant costs and allows you to create secure and scalable workspaces. At the same time, Google Workspace Security features help you accomplish your goals while protecting critical data by facilitating safe communication between users by provide admins to have increased control and visibility for their organizations.

Google Security Principle

Respect our users. Respect their privacy
Google has various policies in relation to data and privacy. These policies, taken as a whole, mean that Google views your data with care and will never release it to anyone who could abuse it.

To be clear about data we collect and why
Google provides a transparent solution for its data collection process. They make it easy for users to understand how their information is stored and can be used.

Make it easy for people to control their privacy
Google provides account holders with the option to decide who can see their information and have control over which parts of their data they want to share.

Empower people to review, move or delete their data
Google helps you keep your personal information private. It’s easy to get a copy of your data and take it somewhere else.

Security checklist for Business and Admins

These security measures can help you protect your organization’s sensitive information including some administrators’ best practices to ensure data security:

  • Use unique passwords with atleast 8 characters in alphanumeric combination
  • Require key users and admins to verify their identity
  • Admins should include recovery data to their account
  • Get backup codes beforehand
  • Enable automatic updates for Internet browsers and apps
  • Enable 2-factor verification for admin accounts
  • Refrain from using super admin account for routine tasks
  • Admins shouldn’t remain signed in
  • Create multiple accounts of super admin
  • Set up user admin role accounts
  • Delegate daily tasks to individual user accounts
  • Set up email alerts
  • Evaluate the Admin audit log
  • Add recovery options to accounts

With millions of companies worldwide preferring Google Workspace, it’s clear that Google has placed a lot of emphasis on security and privacy for its cloud-based solution. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to get a handle on everything! Experts at IXIAN Informatics Private Limited can help you with evaluating and answering any Google Workspace Security and Privacy concerns you might have, as well as help you navigate the Google workspace and Google Cloud in general